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Returns and complaints

Returns and complaints

Remember to send the information below and send it in the package when returning to Dykmarknad

1. Fill in the return form below.

2. All fields must be filled in and specify at least one reason for return.

3. Please attach this information with the return goods.

When shipping your goods again, be sure to note the shipping number on your return package.

Please note that transport damage on arriving goods is reported directly to the freight forwarder or delivery point.

Read more about returns and complaints

Unreported transport damage is not treated as returns.


Please fill in the following for complaints and returns

Order number:

First and last name:

Zip code and city:

Phone number:


Reason for return - Specify an option:

- Undone purchase / Open purchase:

- Defective / Damaged part:

- Error ordering:

- Wrong size / color:

Other - What ?:

Message (optional):


We ask you to pack the product as best you can with all accessories.

Don't forget to pack it well so it can handle the mail.

We want to make you aware that any damage from the freight you may be responsible for.

In case of open purchase / undo purchase: We ask you to arrange return transport.

You are responsible for the shipping cost yourself.

Send the package to the following return address:


customer Return

Posses väg 11

155 93 Nykvarn, Sweden

For complaints: Contact Dive Market Customer Service for booking transport.

Please note that before contacting Customer Service, you have an order / receipt number and dimensions and weight available on the package to be returned. You can contact us here or via email Info (at) dykmarknad.se