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We handle personal data in accordance with the Diving Market Privacy Policy.

This page contains information about, our Privacy Policy and Cookies management.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies when Dykmarknad.se provides services and products in connection with purchases, service matters and all other contact, and in order to fulfill our obligations to you as a customer.

1. What is personal information?

Personal data is information that can be directly or indirectly linked to an individual. This can be, for example, name, address, telephone number, social security number, e-mail and IP address, or a combination of these that makes it possible to identify the individual behind.

All use of personal data is counted as the processing of personal data, such as collection, registration, compilation, storage and transfer or a combination of these.

Dykmarknad.se is owned by Handelsbolaget Wikrian, hereinafter referred to as Dykmarknad, is responsible for personal data for personal data processed in connection with the use of our services and products as well as personal data that we collect and process for the purposes stated below.

The fact that the Dive Market is a personal data controller means that the Dive Market has responsibilities and obligations according to the EU Data Protection Regulation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All processing of personal data is in accordance with the applicable data protection law.

2. How do we get information about you and what are they used for?

The dive market collects only personal information that is necessary for the purpose described in the specific rules and conditions of the service in question, as well as in the current privacy policy.

The most information we have about you is data that you give us yourself through the establishment of a profile on the Dive Market or data generated when you use our services. This can be, for example, page views and information about your device.

In addition, we sometimes receive data from other sources and partners. The personal data we have we use first and foremost to execute agreements we have with you, but also to understand and improve our services, optimize our range, make more personal pageviews, store statistics, understand market trends and customize ads.

According to current data protection regulations, personal data may only be collected for "special, explicit and justified purposes." The personal data must then not be processed in a manner incompatible with these purposes. In addition, data protection regulation must also be supported in order to handle personal data, such support is called a legal basis. In order for us to legally process your personal data, one of the following must be met:

the treatment is necessary for us to fulfill our agreement with you,

the treatment is necessary for us to fulfill a legal obligation that we have (ie if we have a legal obligation to do something under another law);

processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of the Dive Market and that your interests in protecting your personal data do not weigh heavier (balance of interests), or in specific cases, after you have given your consent to that particular treatment.

In order for us to provide our services and products to you, we need to process and manage your personal data. Below are examples of the purposes for which we process your personal data and the legal basis for doing so. Some treatment may require the legal basis for consent. In such cases, we will obtain your consent for that particular treatment before such treatment is initiated.

The data is collected in several ways:

Information you provide to us and collected through the use of the services below:

Newsletter subscription

When you subscribe to our newsletter, we save your name and e-mail to be able to deliver the newsletter to you. The information is stored in our databases first and foremost to be able to deliver the ordered service and to provide you with relevant offers and information about campaigns. Data is processed only for distribution of newsletters. For the delivery of newsletters we can use a third party.

Contact customer service

We save information when you contact us, for example when you send an e-mail, call or by contacting us via features on our website or via social media. We do this in order to respond to your request.

Returns and complaints

When you make a return or complaint, we ask for your name, telephone number and social security number and in case of damage cases also e-mail. We ask for the information to be able to contact you if you have returned a product for further repair or based on document requirements from authorities in connection with payments and to be able to complete your claim. The data is stored in our databases to prevent fraud. Data is not shared with any other businesses. Information collected through the use of our services:

When you make purchases and use our services we record information about what products you buy and which products interest you. This allows us to improve services, prevent fraud, and customize content and ads for your usage and interest patterns.

The information can be divided into the following types:
Technical information about your device and internet connection
Through service logs and other tools, we record information about your device and connection to our services, such as operating systems, browsers, IP addresses, network operators, cookies and unique identification files. If you have ad identifier enabled on your Android or Apple device, this identifier will be sent from our Targeted Advertising app. Examples of use: customization of our services for the device you use so that you, for example, come to the mobile version of our website when using a mobile phone.

Information on the use of the services
When you visit a website with us, this activity is automatically registered in our measurement tools. We use this information, among other things. to improve our services and to provide you with content and marketing communications tailored to your usage pattern. Examples of usage: We collect traffic history to see which pages you have visited and how long you have stayed on the site to present products that are relevant to you. If you are logged in, we will associate the search history with your profile so that we can present products and content that are relevant to you.

Location information
We register your geographical location based on your IP address or other forms of geo-location. If you consent to location sharing in our app, your GPS location will be collected using the app. Usage examples: present campaigns or give you relevant ads based on a position you've been to.

Cookies and local storage
When you use Dive Market's services, a cookie and other data is stored locally (hereafter referred to as local storage of data) on your device. These are text files that are stored in your browser and that can be read by our services. Locally stored data is used to simplify the use of our services and to give you relevant information when you visit our website and make your user experience good. It is also used to measure the traffic on our website, collect statistics, track behavior to build marketing audiences, simplify ad management and improve our services. Example of use: we use cookies to recognize your device so that you do not have to log in every time you use our services or to give you customized product views so you do not have to search. Cookies are also used to store which ads you have seen and clicked on.

Information from other sources
We receive information from other sources, such as measurement tools or other third-party tools that help us or them understand user activity, preferences, or generally improve the services we offer.

3. Storage periods
The dive market does not store personal data any longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing and the legal requirements that are imposed on us, for example with regard to the Accounting Act and other rules on limitation.

4. To whom is the information provided?
We may share the information, for use for the same purpose for which the information was collected and as described in this privacy policy.

Other companies
In some cases, we use personal data assistants for the processing of personal data, for example, in order to execute agreements or services. In these cases, the Dive Market takes the necessary steps to ensure that personal data assistants process personal data in accordance with our instructions, in accordance with applicable law and require adequate security measures. Personal data may also be shared with different authorities according to legislation.

Transfer to third countries
We do not generally transfer any customer information to countries outside the EU / EEA (so-called "third countries"). Should this be the case, we will take appropriate safeguards and ensure that transferred personal data is handled in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. We will then ensure that the supplier enters into agreements with us where they undertake to comply with the provisions approved by the European Commission regarding the protection of personal privacy.

If there are suspicions that there has been a crime in connection with the use of Dive Market's products and services, the information can be provided to public authorities upon request. We never disclose, sell or disclose your personal information in any way other than as described in this Privacy Policy.

5. Security
We take appropriate technical and organizational security measures, consistent with industry standards, to ensure that all information we process is protected from unauthorized access. Only a limited number of employees have access to the information about you and their handling of the information is strict regulated. We have taken technical and organizational measures to protect your data from loss, tampering and unauthorized access. We continuously adapt our security measures in accordance with the advances and developments in the technical area.

6. Your rights as registered *
According to the EU Data Protection Regulation you have the right to know what we do with your personal data such as when and how your personal data is processed and why. You also have the right, in some cases, to get your personal information or have it moved, corrected, deleted or blocked. If for some reason we are unable to fulfill your wishes, we will give you a reason why. Please note that we can only disclose information that we know for certain belongs to you. Below we list what rights you have and how you can exercise them. According to the Data Protection Regulation, you as a private person have a number of rights. The rights are as follows:

You have the right to gain insight into what personal data the Dive Market processes about you.

You have the right to have corrections and updates of the personal data Dive Market has registered about you.

You have the right to have the personal data Dive Market registered if you deleted. If you want to have your personal data deleted, Dive Market deletes all personal data that Dive Market is not required by law to store.

If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw the consent, which means that the processing will then cease, except in cases where the Dive Market is required by law to process the personal data.

It is important to us that the information we have about you is accurate and up to date. If you find any error, please contact us so that the information can be corrected.

All communications regarding your rights shall be in writing. To exercise your rights as a registered user, use this link: GDPR.

User data settings in our app
You can change the data processing that happens in our app at any time in your phone's settings. Here you can turn notifications on or off, turn off or reset search history, open or close for sending GPS data to location service. This affects the opportunities for getting notifications and location-based services and campaigns.

Cookie removal
You can choose whether you want to accept local storage of data through the settings in your browser. Here you can normally specify if you accept the storage of cookies from the web pages you visit, from third parties linked to the web pages and if you want to be warned every time a cookie is saved.
The exact procedure depends on your device and the browser you are using. More information about cookies can be found below. If you choose to disable local storage of data from Dive Market, this may prevent our sites from functioning optimally, for example, you may need to log in every time.

If you believe that we are processing your personal data in violation of the applicable Data Protection Regulation, you should report this to us as soon as possible.
You can also contact the Data Inspectorate directly and submit your complaint.
All communications regarding your rights shall be in writing. To exercise your rights as a registered user, use this link: GDPR.

7. Our analysis tools
We use analysis tools to collect information about how our services are used. For example, we measure the number of visitors, which pages are visited, how long a visit lasts and the like.
Statistics on users and traffic are generally used in aggregate form, so the statistics do not contain any form of information that can be directly linked to you as an identifiable person.
However, information about purchased products is linked to personal information in certain contexts, to provide you with better customer service and targeted communications, such as our customer management system and sales page analytics system. IP addresses and location data are used to create statistics based on geographical criteria.

8. Children's personal data
The dive market does not collect or process personal data for children under 16. If children under the age of 16 have given us personal information, we will delete them as soon as we have become aware of it. Goalkeeper can contact us as below.

9. Changes to terms and policies
The dive market may change the terms of consent and the privacy policy to comply with new legal requirements and due to changes in our own practices for the collection and processing of personal data. In the event of changes requiring consent, you will be asked to agree to the new terms and conditions when you log in to the respective location / service where the change occurred. Information on changes is provided on our website www.Dykmarknad.se and in the services concerned.

10. Contact information
The dive market has chosen to appoint a data protection representative to be involved in all matters relating to the protection of personal data. It is the responsibility of the Data Protection Ombudsman to inform and advise on specific matters, and to verify that work

the entity complies with the Data Protection Regulation in general. The dive market has also decided that the Data Protection Ombudsman should be the contact person in all internal and external communication regarding the processing of personal data. To exercise your rights as a registered user, use this link: GDPR. All communication must be in writing.

Information about cookies
The dive market uses cookies, it is a small text file sent from the web server and saved by the visitor's browser. The information includes, among other things, how the browser surfed the website, what version of the browser was used and information about the different websites visited.

Dive market uses cookies to, for example, be able to get statistics on how visitors behave on our website and to make the website work better. We also use cookies to preserve a user's condition on our website, which means, among other things, that goods are saved in the shopping list, without cookies, for example, the shopping cart would not work as well. We use all our statistics in anonymous and aggregate form. This means that we do not generate information about individual users, but only traffic and traffic providers. All visitors have the right to refuse cookies, but there is a great risk that the website will not behave correctly if cookies are not accepted. All browsers can be set so that they do not accept cookies. This is most commonly done under the settings tab in the browser.
According to Swedish law regarding electronic communication, everyone must be informed if a website uses cookies. By browsing Dykmarknad.se you give your consent to the handling of cookies that takes place on the website.

The dive market uses a third party as Web Platform's supplier.