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FinnSub Bang

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FinnSub Bang has high brightness, this is the best choice for divers who require a strong light beam. For optimal use, FinnSub Bank is delivered in 2 models

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FinnSub Bang has high brightness, this is the best choice for divers who require a strong light beam. For optimal use, FinnSub Bank is delivered in 2 models:

BANG Spot: 5-degree light beam for divers diving in murky waters or caves

BANG Wide: 10-degree light beam for sports and recreational divers who dive in clear water and want intense light coverage in as large an area as possible

Light spot illuminates the object at the same time as the surroundings, it shines through the dark water and it is convenient for efficient signaling. It illuminates the space in front of you without dazzling your dive buddy.

Charging takes place via external magnetic charging contacts on the back of the lamp.

Unique operating mode - three times to switch the light on and off, two to switch between modes.

The dual software analyzes using an accelerometer and identifies whether the lamp is in or out of the water. Out of the water, the software analyzes the vibrations to minimize the risk of accidental activation of the light by transport, etc.

Energy Lithium-ion technology - The properties of an energy source made of Li-ion batteries are perfect in combination with LEDs. The electric power supply in FINN LIGHT lamps provides constant current over the entire spectrum of diving inserts. Li-Ion batteries are not subject to the memoy effect. They can therefore be partially charged and unloaded without shortening the service life.

Material The housings on the lamps and the accumulator tanks are made of an aluminum alloy that has previously been heat-treated to obtain a surface with a higher density. We chose the alloy because of its chemical and physical properties, especially because of its corrosion resistance. It is completely insensitive to salt water, resulting in a long service life.

Goodman handle Exclusive, anatomical, original. This is our version of the Goodman Handle, designed in our own design studio. This version is more convenient and practical than any other. The feeling is very nice, all screws are recessed. We have chosen Delrin® as the most suitable material. It retains its mechanical properties even at very low temperatures.

LED stands for "light emitting diode". This is a small semiconductor chip that is very stable and provides thousands of operating hours, LEDs do not emit as much heat as other light sources. That is why they are most effective. The relationship between light output and energy consumption has so far made them unsurpassed. They have no components that can break or burn. The lifespan of our LEDs is approx. 10000 operating hours.

  • 7000 k Light temperature / light intensity: 1100 lumens
  • Overheating protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overload and discharge protection
  • Universal Softhandle
  • Packed in a high quality laundry bag
  • Weight: 250 g on the surface water and only 70 g under water
  • Battery life: 600 full charge cycles
  • 2 power levels - 30% (366 lumens) and 100% (1100 lumens) - Operating time 2 hours / 10 hours

Delivered with Lamp, Charger, and bag.